November 24, 2012

Baking Fun: Elf Cookies.

One of our favorite ways to kick off the holiday season is by baking cookies. We love the smell of cookies in the oven while decorating the house. This year we decided to add a new twist to the tradition-- elf cookies.

It’s no secret that we have a thing for miniature food. There is just something so adorable about leaving little snacks out for our Lair visitors. Christmas cookies are the perfect addition to our ever-growing list of mini treats.  More here.

Our children just LOVED doing this (and it’s very easy). While preparing a batch of cookies, add a few little ones to the cookie sheet. A cookie about the size of a dime bakes up just perfect. The elf cookies can bake along side their larger counterparts; no need to adjust cooking time. Make sure to bake a few extra- kids love to sample these!
Little Elf Cookies. | Everyday Magic.
Apparently our elf enjoyed them too; we only had a few crumbs left in the morning! We will definitely be slipping a few of these onto Santa’s cookie plate this year. After all, his little helpers deserve treats too.

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