November 23, 2012

Pip the Elf is back!

There is a special kind of magic in the air during the holiday season.  We are lucky enough to play host to all kinds of magical folk throughout the year, so what makes Christmas time so different?  Two words…HOLIDAY ELVES.  Most elves, gnomes, fairies, and leprechauns never let themselves be seen.  Santa’s elves are different.  Their job is to keep a close eye on kids and report to Santa any naughty behavior.  They do this by staying out in the open.  In our family there is nothing as exciting as the first visit from our elf.  Every year "Pip"comes the day after Thanksgiving.  This year was no exception.  Bright and early Friday morning we were greeted by our friendly elf with the simple note, “I’m back”.  We all can’t wait to see what kind of magical mischief he will bring this year.

Holiday Elf | Everyday Magic.
Holiday elf drawings. | Everyday Magic

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