March 16, 2013

Building a Leprechaun Trap.

OK, so this post is late.  Really late.  However, we're thrilled with the outcome of this year's leprechaun trap and we still wanted to share it with you.  If you like the idea, you can "pin" it for next year.
Leprechaun Trap.  Everyday Magic blog.
This trap required a bit more work than last year's cardboard box version, but the boys are older and like to be more involved.
Here's the quick rundown of how we did it:
Leprechaun Trap.  Everyday Magic blog.

1 & 2.  We decided to use a green standup display board for the background of the trap.  We wanted a bright and happy background, so we crafted a sun, rainbow, grass & ladybug using colored cardstock.  We adhered these pieces to the display board using foam mounting squares (to provide a little dimension.) Cotton balls were glued in place for the clouds.

3.  Next we created the basket to trap the leprechaun using green pipe cleaner, careful not to leave the spaces too large.  We simply twisted the pieces in place.

4, 5 & 6.  We built the frame of the trap using PVC pipe that we glued together and spray painted green.  We added some eye hooks along the pipe frame and ran clear fishing line through them.  We attached the pipe cleaner basket to the fishing line and used a washer for some added weight.  Another washer was placed on a gold glitter circle and tied to the fishing line.  The fishing line was strung the entire length of the left side of the trap and all along the top under the clouds.

7.  We placed a bottle full of gold glitter on top of the washer to hold it in place.  We hope the leprechaun will find the bottle of gold and be so distracted by it that he won't look up to notice the green cage.  When he lifts the gold bottle, he will release the washer which will drop the basket on top of him.

It was fun to put a little extra effort into this year's trap.  The kids are very hopeful this will be the year we catch the elusive leprechaun!

Did you build a trap this year?  We'd love to hear about it.

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