March 30, 2013

A Golden Easter Egg.

Just yesterday, during the last minute hustle and bustle of Easter preparations, a thought popped into my head... I HAD to find a golden egg.  I thought it might be fun to start a new Easter tradition with my boys this year.
A golden easter egg.  Everyday Magic blog.
My husband and I could hide two golden eggs (one for each child) the night before Easter.  If the boys found them (among all of the Easter Bunny's surprises), then they'd receive the "golden egg prize."
I made a quick detour to the local craft store in search of the supplies I would need to pull this off.
Create your own golden egg this Easter.

I wanted eggs that would last for many years to come, so I knew the plastic variety wouldn't work.  I settled on this paint in gold and these wooden eggs.  With coupons and last minute discounts, I spent less than $4 on the entire project and we have 3 eggs leftover to paint and share with friends.
The boys are thrilled with idea and can hardly wait for Easter morning!
Is this a tradition you already share with your family?
Start your own golden egg tradition this Easter.

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