December 3, 2012

Mini Gingerbread House.

We decided it might be fun to make a mini version of our gingerbread house this year for the fairies and elves that visit our home.  It's hard enough to assemble a full size house with real gingerbread, so we opted to use graham crackers.
I'm not going to lie, the decorating was time consuming on this one, but the end result is really cute!
Mini gingerbread house for your elf | Everyday Magic
I started with a serrated knife to gently cut the graham crackers to the desired shape and size.  Everything was held together with white frosting.  Using a plastic sandwich bag, I filled it with frosting and cut a small hole in the end to pipe on the frosting.  With a pair of tweezers I added some red & green sprinkles (this was the time consuming part!)
The end result - a super cute mini gingerbread house that our holiday elf is sure to love!
Another great way to have fun with A Little Lair®!

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  1. That is really cute! Good idea, I was going to spring for the train kit at Walmart but this is cheaper and looks easier. -Steph


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