October 8, 2012

Elf Prints.

Fall has definitely arrived here New England!  In the Ward house this means a trip to the local pumpkin patch.  Our 2 year old son is obsessed with pumpkins and points them out everywhere we go.  This year in addition to our big carving pumpkins we also picked up “baby punkins” (as he calls them).  Last night before bed we had some fun painting these mini pumpkins. We left all three of them on the windowsill to dry and went off to bed.

This morning there was quite a bit of excitement as our son discovered a fourth pumpkin on the sill. A prankster elf must have visited from our Lair last night. He left us a little message, a bit off a mess, and some little elf footprints in the paint.  Our son just loved this!
Mini painted pumpkins. | Elf footprints. | A Little Lair.

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